So, it’s been awhile and I’m slowly realizing I really shouldn’t even have a blog, lol. I think at some point this may be converted to something else a little more productive, but for now, I’ll try this again, lol.

So, life has been busy as always. Over the last year I’ve really learned to enjoy different styles of beer as opposed to just sticking to the few I’d alway enjoyed. In the process I’ve actually learned that I really like a beer with some bitterness or hops to it. I use to really dislike a hoppy beer, but man, do I love one now. They apparently make me snore, so that sucks, but there are plenty of others out there. I’ve been reserving my IPA intake for the weekends so the wife can sleep most nights, lol. Maybe I’ll start adding more beer updates and recomendations on here. Thoughts? Just kidding. I know no one is reading this, hahaha…

On that note, we recently went to a local brewery owned by my wifes ex-boss. He’s a great guy and his family is awesome. Great little place and some good beer. The ambiance was awesome, from what I could see when I wasn’t staring at my beautiful wife. 🙂 The wife had a Peaches n’ Cream ale and a Punch Ale of some sort and I had a Double IPA as well as a Session IPA. Both quite good. This is where the boobs come in BTW. 


I’ve also been digging into some alternative sources of income over the last year. I tried affiliate marketing and, although it offers a ton of options for revenue, I didn’t like the idea of selling something that, to me, doesn’t really have any product other than being able to sell that same product. It’s like selling money to make money. No one really gains anything and a lot of it seems very ponzi like to me.

I’m delving into some ecommerce which I really like. Advertising and choosing a niche has been rough, but I’m getting there. The goal is $10k a month profit by the end of the year and to scale to $30k by mid year next year.

This brings me to one of my current ventures, Bitcoin. Or, should I say cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the main one most people know about, but there are quite a few others out there that all serve many different purposes. The technology behind it all is truly fascinating. The Blockchain is a crazy piece of work. Once I get a better understanding, maybe I’ll write something up or do a video. Anyway, crypto is the new hawtness that looks poised to last quite a awhile and it’s easy to get into it. Just buy and hold or you can trade on any number of exchanges. I’m doing a little of both right now with some success. Learning to trade is a bit of a task, but it’s very interesting so, I’m enjoying it. So far no real losses and a few wins. Made $35 on a trade last night with a $130 buy. It’s not huge, but it’s all about building.

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope everyone has an awesome week.

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